Traditional affiliate tracking is based on what most people would call “pay-per-sale”. This means, a commission is created for the referring affiliate after the referred visitor places and order on your website. If instead, you’d prefer do what is called “pay-per-lead” commissioning whereby you issue a commission to affiliates for referring “leads”, you have a couple options with iDevAffiliate.

Option 1: Premade Pay-Per-Lead Integrations

Use one of the premade integrations with have with products such as Instapage, Unbounce, Gravity Forms, etc. In this case, you will create your lead forms using these products and complete the integration steps provided. When the lead forms are completed by referred visitors, the referring affiliates will be issued a commission.

Option 2: Generic Pay-Per-Lead Integrations

Enable “Pay-Per-Lead” in your cart integration wizard. You will be provided a generic tracking pixel code you will place in to your “lead confirmation/thank you” page. This is the page the customer sees after the lead form is filled out. This is a perfect setup for those using their own lead forms on their website.

Using Option #2, this could also be considered a “pay-per-anything” setup as you can use the same tracking pixel code on any page of your website where you want a commission created. Whether its a lead form, opt-in form, contest entry, etc. its all the same in the eyes of iDevAffiliate.