Can I connect multiple websites to one license/installation of iDevAffiliate?

Yes. You can connect unlimited websites to one installation of iDevAffiliate through the use of Marketing Groups. Create a marketing group for each website and set each marketing group to have it’s own defined incoming traffic page. Now upload marketing materials to each group. When affiliates login to get banners, links, etc., they will choose which marketing group to get the banner, link, etc. from. Traffic they deliver will be routed according to the incoming traffic page defined for that marketing group. If this is not how you want to setup your program, you will need a seperate installation of iDevAffiliate for each of your websites and you will need to manage these websites independently from each other. ie. Each installation will have it’s own admin center.

My shopping cart isn’t in the list, can I still use iDevAffiliate?

Yes. Using a generic tracking pixel in the sale confirmation page of your cart system is the most common method but we also have available a more advanced method if you need to make the call to our commission processing file within a backend file via API or IPN. Instructions are provided within the iDevAffiliate admin center. If needed, our support team can help you get setup with the generic tracking pixel method.

Can I start with the cloud then switch to the self-hosted version later?

Using the cloud edition with the intention of moving to the owned edition really isn’t a good idea for a couple reasons. We can move your installation to the owned edition but it requires a database export/import that only our staff can complete for you. This fee is $185.00 and is in addition to the money you’d spend on the cloud edition, plus the owned edition. The main reason we don’t advocate this though is the fact that once you move your affiliate program from our hosting to yours, everything your affiliates have built will become broken. That includes any images they are using, links, etc. Affiliates will need to log back in to get new links as your affiliate programs physical location will have changed. The cart integration plus SEO will need redone and SEO built to date will be lost as well. While it sounds like a good idea, it’s really a lengthy and sometimes painful process. We highly suggest that if you have intent to use the owned edition, do it up front and save the extra money spent, hassle of having to redo configurations and breaking everything built to date for your affiliates.