Driving traffic to multiple pages of your website, or even multiple websites can be done using a couple different methods.

Option 1: Marketing Groups
Option 2: Affiliate Defined Traffic Delivery
Option 3: Product Feed

Option 1: Marketing Groups

Create a different marketing group for each of your website/product pages you want affiliates to deliver traffic to. This can even be different/multiples websites. Set the Alternate Incoming Traffic Page for each of those groups.


Now upload and create marketing materials for each of these marketing groups. When your affiliates login to get a marketing piece, they will choose which marketing group to get it from and the traffic they deliver will go to the defined Alternate Incoming Traffic Page set for the chosen group.

Option 2: Affiliate Defined Traffic Delivery

Using this method, affiliates can define the page they are driving traffic to directly in their affiliate links. To enable this feature, go to General Settings then Advanced Tracking in your iDevAffiliate admin center. You will find the Allow Alternate Incoming Page Links setting. Select Yes to enable it. Affiliate can now login to their accounts and click on Alternate Incoming Page Links and have the opportunity to use the Automated Link Creation.

Option 3: Product Catalog

NOTE: This feature has been migrated in to what we now call the Product Catalog.
Using the product feed feature, you can load a CSV file full of product information. This includes a SKU number, product name, URL to the product page, image, price and description. Once uploaded to iDevAffiliate, your affiliate can now do a few things based on your settings. They can either grab a formatted HTML piece that includes all your product information, including image and customers will be taken directly to the product page. And/Or, they can download the CSV file full of products and will have premade marketing links for every product you add from your store.

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