While we never recommend doing this unless absolutely necessary, it is possible to move your installation from one location to another.

Step-By-Step Instructions

If you’re moving to a new domain but staying on the same server, it might not be necessary to import/export the database (steps 2/3/4 below) as a “localhost” connection will usually still work as-is. You’ll want to consult your web hosting provider and/or server admin on this.

1. Using FTP, move your iDevAffiliate folder/files from the existing location to the new location.

2. Export the MySQL database containing the iDevAffiliate data from the existing location.

3. Import the MySQL database into a new database at the new location.

4. At the new location, edit your /API/database.php file using FTP. Update the MySQL database connection settings so you’re connecting to the database at the new location.

5. Reset the license key at the new location in a browser at: …. /admin/local_reset.php

Once the above steps are done, your move is completed. However, we must now go through and adjust all the URL settings for the new location.

Adjust Your URL Settings

1.) Redo your iDevAffiliate Installation URL setting in your admin center.

iDevAffiliate Admin Center: System Settings > General Settings

Two Required Changes
– iDevAffiliate Installation URL
– Cookie URL

Both need updated to the new location/domain.

2.) Redo your shopping cart integration as the URL call being made will need updated to the new location.

3.) If you’re using SEO links they will need setup again as the URL location will have changed.