Cloud users have a couple different options for their domain/location. We’ll outline your options below along with information on how you can have your custom domain option setup for you.

Default Cloud Location – Personalized Subdomain

The following URL is a sample of how your cloud account will be setup with your personalized subdomain. You can choose the subdomain name you’d like to use.

Custom Domain Option – Your Own Domain

If you’d prefer to use your own subdomain or even your own top-level-domain, we can do that too!


Note: Please complete both steps below. Both need done in order for us to setup your custom domain.

1. Point your subdomain or top level domain (whichever you choose), to our server IP: – You’ll want to create an A record in your DNS settings. If you need help pointing your domain, please contact your hosting provider and/or server admin.

Cloudflare Example (all DNS settings will look very similar including GoDaddy)

idevaffiliate custom subdomain example

2. Contact our support department with the following information.

  • Your iDevAffiliate Cloud location or customer ID number.
  • The name of the subdomain you have pointed in step 1 (above).

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