This feature is also known as a Piggyback Conversion Pixel and will post data to an affiliate’s defined URL each time an approved commission is created (conversion occurs). We will POST sales/commission data to a location requested by your affiliate. Affiliates will receive the data in JSON format.

What your affiliates do with the data will be up to them. Most will want to bring that data in to their own tracking system and/or database but again, this is up to them on how they want to use the data provided.

affiliate postback piggyback pixel

Below is the set of sample data provided for each sale. The event, affiliate ID, order number and commission amount will always be present in the payload data. All the other items will be available if it exists on the commission record. As of now, the only available event for the Postback Pixel is commission_approved.

Sample Payload Data

stdClass Object
[user] => stdClass Object
[event] => commission_approved
[affiliate_id] => 101
[order_number] => abc123xyz
[commission_amount] => 74.93
[sale_amount] => 749.30
[sub_id] => 16
[tid1] => google
[tid2] => shoes
[tid3] => red
[tid4] => 12
[currency] => USD

As receiving the JSON payload data on the affiliate side is all custom coding, it will be up to the affiliate to create whatever code they want to use at the defined URL to perform the actions they want. That said, we do have a small snippet of generic PHP code below that can be used to retrieve the payload data in their scripts but again, further to this it will be up to your affiliate’s development team to take it from here.

Sample Retrieval Code

if (isset($_POST)) {

$response = file_get_contents('php://input');
$json_data = json_decode($response);

// do something here with the data


header('X-PHP-Response-Code: 200', true, 200);