When it comes to issuing a 1099 or receiving a W-9 from your affiliates, this is something that is done directly between you and your affiliates. There is not currently an option to upload a W-9 (for download) and no way to issue a 1099. Again, this is all personal items to be handled directly between you and your affiliates.

NOTE: We do not and cannot offer tax advice. For example, we can’t suggest whether or not you need to 1099 your affiliates. We suggest contacting your tax attorney and/or accountant for help with tax related issues.

ALSO NOTE: We’re using terms like “1099” and “W9” here, for example purposes. The actual form IDs you may need to use could be different depending on the Country you’re located in. These are general terms but the principles discussed here remain the same.

We do have a feature that can show you a list of affiliates who have earned a specific amount for a selected calendar year. This is helpful in determining who you might need to get a W-9 from or who you might need to send a 1099. To get this report go to Reports on the left menu of your admin dashboard then Commissions. Now select Tax Report in the dropdown.

tax report for idevaffiliate

If you’d like to attach a W9 or other tax related document to the “welcome” or “account” approved” email that goes out, we have a generic PDF attachment option available you could use for this task. To do this go to Templates on the top menu of your admin dashboard then Email Templates. Now go to the PDF Attachments tab and you can use this generic PDF attachment option.

iDevAffiliate attach pdf tax document in email