For many years, going back almost two decades, the cost of upgrade access has been $89.99 USD. As of January 1st, 2023, we will be increasing this amount to $139.00 USD. Remember, this is not a mandatory fee but using the current release is always advised to make sure you have the latest updates, patches, bug fixes and features. It’s also required for technical support as we only support the current release. The self-hosted license keys are valid for a lifetime. What you install, you can use forever (if you like) although at some point you’ll likely want to upgrade. If you do, this is where this fee comes in. You still get 1 year of free upgrade access with your original purchase. After that, if you’d like access to a current version and do not have an existing upgrade plan, the new cost is $139.00 USD. That will get you an additional 1 years worth of upgrade access.

For further information about upgrades, how they work and where to get them, see this article: