Before launching your affiliate program, it’s a good idea to make sure commission processing is working. Your cart/checkout/billing system needs to pass iDevAffiliate sales data after each order is complete so iDevAffiliate can then in turn, create a commission for the referring affiliate – if one exists.

Step-By-Step Testing Instructions

1. Create yourself an affiliate account. This can be done in the affiliate panel at the /signup.php page or directly in your iDevAffiliate admin center by clicking on Pending Accounts in the Affiliate section then Create An Account (button in the upper right corner).

If needed, approve the account in your iDevAffiliate admin center.

2. While logged in to your affiliate account, click on the provided affiliate link – just as a customer would.

3. You should be taken to your website. Place an order – just as a customer would.

Once payment is made and the order process completed, you should see a new commission in the Commissions section of your iDevAffiliate admin center (left menu).

If you see the commission come in, you’re all set.

Important Note

Some carts require you to continue the checkout process all the way back to the final confirmation / “thank you” page. Always be sure to complete the checkout process in it’s entirety. For instance, once payment is made offsite, make sure to return back to your cart/checkout system’s confirmation / “thank you” page.