This tutorial is for customers using our Self-Hosted Editions only.

Customers using our Cloud Edition do not use these instructions as we handle the upgrade for you on our cloud.

Please watch this video or follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1. Backup your database before continuing! Please consult your hosting provider for help with this task.

Step 2. Clear your browser cache. This is important!

Step 3. Using your favorite FTP program, remove all files in your current /cache folder. This is important!

Step 4. Using your favorite FTP program, upload the install folder and file to
your web hosting account into the current location of your existing iDevAffiliate files.

Important Note: Be sure to use AUTO-DETECT mode when uploading files.

Step 5. From your web browser, run the installation/upgrade program.

http://www.{your website domain}.com/idevaffiliate/install/index.php

Be sure to adjust the above path to match your actual location of iDevAffiliate. You should now see a page that looks like this in your browser:

upgrading idevaffiliate

Individually Installed Plugins

If you have installed plugins that are not included in the edition you are using (ie. they have been installed separately), you will need to download each plugin package again from your account and upload the new license key file. Otherwise you will be using an old license key file with the new iDevAffiliate version and may run into problems.

Example: You have the Standard Edition and have installed the SEO Links plugin separately. You will need to download the SEO links plugin package again and upload a new seo_license_key.php file over your existing one.

Note: This will need done for all plugins except the language templates. They do not need uploaded/installed again.