For ClickFunnels we have two integrations. That is, actual commission creation for affiliates and general lead tracking. We have both setups outlined for you below.

Option 1: Commissions

Issue a commission anytime a funnel is filled out where a PAYMENT is made by the customer. These are regular commissions like any other and appear in your pending/approved commissions list.

Where to set this up:
Admin Center: Tracking Integration (menu at top) > Choose the WIZARD. Pick ClickFunnels in the dropdown. The next page has the instructions.

clickfunnels affiliate program commissioning

Option 2: Leads

If you want to track leads, you can do that too. Anytime a general lead form is filled out (without a payment being made), a “lead” will be recorded in iDevAffiliate and found in your admin dashboard on the left menu in the Reports > Leads Generated section. Once the lead is recorded, you have the option to manually create a commission from that lead. This is useful for an offline payment being made, maybe over the telephone for example.

Where to set this up:
Admin Center: Tracking Integration (menu at top) > General Lead Tracking. Pick ClickFunnels in the dropdown and you’ll see the instructions.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Lead Capture

Important Note

Both options above literally have NOTHING at all to do with each other. They are not dependent on each other. They don’t need each other, at all. They are completely separate features. So, if you simply want to issue a commission after a payment is made in one of your funnels, implement option #1 and don’t bother with #2. Its not needed. What happens after the CLICK from the customer does not matter. They can join a free funnel, they can leave your site. They can turn off their computer. They can come back to your site DIRECTLY.. we’re still tracking them. If they get to a funnel where a payment is made, a commission will STILL be created for the referring affiliate.

You can do both if you want. But remember, they have nothing to do with each other at all in terms of commission assignment, etc. Option #1 still comes from the tracking logs. If Option #2 is implemented, it does not affect the commission assignment for Option #1. We use tracking logs for commission creation on the paid forms.