Before reading this article, please be sure the cart system you’re using supports coupon code commissioning.

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The first thing you want to do is create the coupon code in your cart system just like you normally would. If you need help creating a coupon code in your cart system you’ll want to contact your cart providers technical support.

Assume the code you create is called 10pointsoff. What we need to do now is assign that same coupon code (10pointsoff) to an affiliate and set the commission rate. Login to your iDevAffiliate admin center and go to Commission Settings > Coupon Code Commissioning. On the Add A Coupon Code tab, enter the coupon code name 10pointsoff then select the affiliate and assign the commission amount.

Once this is done, the affiliate is now assigned the coupon code and anytime that coupon code is used, the assigned affiliate will earn a commission for the amount defined.