As you probably already know, our WooCommerce integration will have you install a supplied WordPress plugin that will connect WooCommerce to iDevAffiliate. This plugin will automatically create new commissions for referring affiliates, as referred customers make purchases. These commissions are created instantly, during the checkout process.

Now we have another plugin for you as well!

Taking advantage of the already built-in iDevAffiliate API to remove commissions, this new plugin will do just that, remove commissions. When used, this new plugin will auto-remove commissions for orders marked with an order status of “refunded“. This helps to automate management of your affiliate program. What most customers will do in this case will actually be to have iDevAffiliate auto-approve new commissions as they are created. Then, if needed, you can switch the order status to “refunded” in WooCommerce and the commission will automatically be removed. Realize though, this will only affect commission’s that are currently approved, or pending approval. Once a commission is paid, it cannot be removed.

Using the example in the screenshot below, we are setting order number “14” to refunded. The plugin will automatically go to iDevAffiliate and look for a commission that is either currently approved or pending approval, with the order number “14“. If found, the commission will be removed.

Download and Instructions

Download Plugin

  1. Download the plugin using the link above then install it in to WordPress like any other plugin – be sure the activate it as well.
  2. In WordPress, go to Settings > Integration then iDevAffiliate WooCommerce Refund API.
  3. Enter your iDevAffiliate Installation URL.
  4. Enter your iDevAffiliate API Secret.

Your iDevAffiliate API Secret is found in your iDevAffiliate admin center at Tools > API > API Secret Key (tab).

That’s it! Commissions will now be removed when you set an order status to refunded.