A popular question we get is… “Can I connect multiple shopping carts at one time?”. The answer is yes. You have a shopping cart integration wizard in your admin center that allows you to complete your shopping cart integration.

idevaffiliate shopping cart integration wizard

Now, if you are using more than one shopping cart system, simply use this wizard as many times as needed. For instance, if you’re using WooCommerce for product sales and Paid Memberships Pro for subscriptions, walk through the integration wizard for each to complete the integration for both systems. Another example for multi-site users would be the use of lets say FoxyCart for one site and Shopify for another.

You want to make sure all cart/membership systems you’re using on your site are properly integrated. This way, no matter what system your customer uses during checkout, the sale is reported to iDevAffiliate for the signup process.

Multiple Systems Enabled

idevaffiliate integration