When using the Social Media Marketing plugin, you are going to create a custom Facebook App using the provided video tutorial that comes with iDevAffiliate. This video is found inside the iDevAffiliate admin center on the Social Media Settings page. This tutorial is an addendum and includes an additional step needed for making your Facebook App available to your affiliates. Without this step, you might see the content being posted to Facebook when testing yourself but that’s only because you’re using a registered account that has permissions. You need to also make your Facebook App “available the public” so your affiliates can use the Facebook App as well.

If this step is skipped, your affiliates may see the following message.

idevaffiliate app still in development mode

To properly setup your Facebook App and/or fix the above error, use the following instructions.

1. Go to: https://developers.facebook.com/apps

2. Select your App and go to Settings then enter a Contact Email and save your changes.

idevaffiliate facebook app troubleshooting

3. Click on App Review and select YES where it asks to make your app public.

idevaffiliate enable app for public