This guide is for self-hosted users only. Cloud users do not need this guide.

When using ClickFunnels with a self-hosted account, a small setup procedure is needed for ClickFunnels to validate your domain. This is a quick and easy process and will solve the “returned status 404 – not found” status when trying to add your webhook URL.

Before we begin…
Let’s assume your affiliate program is located at:

  1. Check the current folder where you have your iDevAffiliate files. In this example, that would be in your /idevaffiliate folder. If you don’t already see a file called “clickfunnels.php”, download the ZIP file below. Unzip that package. In it you will find the “clickfunnels.php” file. Upload it to your folder where your iDevAffiliate files are. If you already have this file, you can skip this step.
  2. Download ClickFunnels ZIP File

  3. Using FTP, you need to edit the .htaccess file in the root folder of your website. In this example, that would be the root folder for Add the following code to the TOP of that file:
  4. RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^funnel_webhooks/* /idevaffiliate/clickfunnels.php?do=test&page=$1 [L]


  • The .htaccess file you’re editing is again, in the ROOT folder of your website, NOT the .htaccess file in your /idevaffiliate folder. There is only one exception. See the subdomain note below.
  • The code you’re placing in the .htaccess file how it shows the path to the folder where your iDevAffiliate files are located. If that folder name or path is different, change the path to match.
  • If you are using a subdomain such as, the .htaccess file will in fact be the same one found where your iDevAffiliate files are as your installation will be running in the root folder of that subdomain.
  • Make sure you’re using the https:// (SSL) version of your website URL, not just http:// (non-secure).
  • Once you have the webhook connected and working, leave the “clickfunnels.php” file and the code in your .htaccess file in place and you can connect as many funnels in the future as you need to, without issue. This is a one-time setup.
  • If you have followed this guide and still aren’t getting the connection to work, we can do this for you. Just open a support ticket with our support dept. We’re going to need the following items.
    1. FTP access to your website.
    2. Link + user/pass to your iDevAffiliate admin center (to review your settings).
    3. Login credentials to your ClickFunnels account.
    4. The name of one of your funnels you’re trying to connect.