One of the more advanced features you might want to enable for your affiliates is the ability to do split testing with their links. This is great for affiliates wanting to test the success of different campaigns, marketing pieces or marketing strategies. The first thing you want to do is enable this feature in your iDevAffiliate admin center. That is done at General Settings > Advanced Tracking. On this settings page, enable Allow Custom Keyword Tracking.

split testing affiliate links

Once that is enabled, your affiliate will have a new feature available to them when they are logged in to their affiliate account. They will now see Custom Keyword Links in the Custom Tracking menu.

affiliate link testing

On this page, there is an in-depth tutorial for your affiliate to review, but we’ll go in to the links and testing here as well.

View Provided Tutorial

Now that your affiliate has this option, they can create multiple “keyword” links for testing and run reports to see the stats on each link. They can drill down very deep with what we call TIDs (tracking IDs) for each link.

Example Links


Above, the affiliate basically has 3 versions of the same link to be used for 3 different campaigns, with 3 different marketing pieces or 3 different marketing strategies. Really it doesn’t matter how or why they use these links.. the bottom line is they can report on the success of each link. To do so, the will go back to the Custom Links menu this time going to the Reports page.

a/b split testing

Each link has it’s own exportable report to CSV to review complete stats as well as see all traffic logs for the link.

csv export for split testing affiliate links

In this example, we’re only using 1 of the 4 available TIDs. As you can see, affiliates can really drill down deep with some highly customizable keyword links going as far as to say “give me a report for all TID 1s that are red with only TID 3s that are large“. You can see how in-depth the reporting can get just by a few keywords being added to existing affiliate links.