As an administrator, it’s common to sometimes get attached to an affiliate via tracking logs (clicking an affiliate link). This happens maybe when testing your system or testing affiliate links for your affiliates. No matter the reason, you can always remove yourself from the tracking logs using the following steps.

Step 1: Remove IP Tracking Log
Admin Center: Logs (menu in upper right) > Manage Traffic Logs > Individual Customer Logs (tab)

Enter your IP address (use if needed) and click the Remove Traffic Log button.

Step 2: Delete Cookies From Your Browser
Each browser is different but you’ll want to delete cookies from your browser as cookies are the backup to traffic logs and will still generate a commission even if #1 above is completed.

Optional Step

In addition to removing yourself from tracking logs, you can also BLOCK yourself from being able to create commissions, even if you’re attached to tracking logs. This can be done in your admin center at General Settings > Fraud Control > Commission Blocking (tab)

Enable Commission Blocking: Select Yes
IP Address To Block: Enter your IP address (same as in step #1 above)

Optional Step Warning

If you do the optional step above, please make sure to take note that you’ve done this. You may in the future expect to see a commission and wonder why “commissioning doesn’t work“. It will be due to the fact that you have blocked yourself from being able to create commissions.