Let’s assume you have two websites connected to one installation of iDevAffiliate. Both are reporting sales to iDevAffiliate for the commissioning process. Now let’s assume you want website A to pay 10% and website B to pay 15%. What you can do is set your default settings to 10% in the iDevAffiliate admin center. Now you can edit your tracking pixel code in website B with an override variable.


Add the above variable/value to the tracking pixel in website B and you will effectively override the stock settings in the iDevAffiliate admin center. When iDevAffiliate receives the idev_percent value, it will override the setting in the admin center and use the value passed as the percentage instead.

So now you have website A using the default settings of 10% and website B using the override variable in the tracking pixel which will force the commission amount to 15% instead.

Another option is to define the commission rate in all your websites, directly in the pixel and override the commission settings completely.

Website A: &idev_percent=.15 (paying 15%)
Website B: &idev_percent=.20 (paying 20%)
Website C: &idev_percent=.22 (paying 22%)
Website D: &idev_percent=.10 (paying 10%)