Before completing this task, please know that if you do this you’re going to break all existing affiliate links/images that your affiliates are using. When this task is complete, you’ll want to notify your affiliates to have them login and get new linking codes, banners, etc.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1.) Using FTP, physically rename the folder to the new name you want to use.

2.) Edit the /API/install_folder.php file with the new folder name.
NOTE: Skip this step if you are using iDevAffiliate 9 or newer. This step is not needed.

3.) Reset the license key at …/admin/local_reset.php in a browser.

4.) Redo your iDevAffiliate Installation URL setting in your admin center.

iDevAffiliate Admin Center: System Settings > General Settings

5.) Redo your shopping cart integration as the URL call being made will need updated to the new location.

6.) If you’re using SEO links they will need setup again. The folder name will have changed in the code you placed.