If you are looking at your traffic logs and see the message “N/A – Possible Bookmark or Email Link” listed as the referring URL, that means iDevAffiliate didn’t receive the referring URL information when the link was clicked on. We assume in most cases the customer clicked the link from a bookmark or email link where there is no referring URL.

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More Information

When a link is clicked on the browser will often pass the “referring URL” metadata. If it’s passed and received, we can display it. If not, we display the “N/A – Possible Bookmark or Email Link” message in its place. There are no browser standards in place that require the browser pass this data. In short, if we receive the referring URL data, excellent. If not, its because the browser didn’t pass the data or the customer clicked from a bookmark or email link.

Important Note

This data is for informational purposes only and has no bearing on customer tracking and/or commission processing.