Further to using the Payout Levels feature, discussed in our other article (here), the performance rewards feature allows you to have affiliate automatically moved to higher payout levels after your define milestones are met. So for example, if you have 3 payout levels defined, you can have affiliate accounts automatically moved up a payout level after X number of commissions are generated.

To do this, first start with setting up your payout levels, discussed (here). Then, in your admin center, go to Commission Settings > Performance Rewards.

idevaffiliate performance rewards

In the above example settings, we’re saying.. move the affiliate up one payout level, every time they generate 15 commissions.


There are currently no variations of this feature. The settings you see here are what is available. More complex configurations may be designed in future releases but as of now, this is what the feature has to offer.


Performance Rewards Ceiling
If you want, you can define the highest level to advance an account to. Just click the Performance Rewards Ceiling tab to do so.

Payout Level Reset
By using the API script (at the bottom of the settings page), you can have acocunts auto-reset back to payout level 1. This is a CRON job you’d setup with your hosting account. Most people would for instance, set it to reset payout levels on the first of each month.