To create a per-product commissioning structure with iDevAffiliate and WooCommerce, all you need to do is define the commission rate for each product in your cart. The WooCommerce plugin provided with iDevAffiliate will do the rest.

Step 1: Create your product in WooCommerce

When you create your product, you will add your price like normal but you also need to add a SKU number as well. In this case, you can see in the image below, we’re using a SKU number of sample_sku_123 and a price of 19.99.

affiliate commissions for woocommerce

Step 2: Add the product to iDevAffiliate

In your iDevAffiliate admin center, go to Commission Settings > Per-Product Commissioning. On the Add A Product tab, you will use the same SKU number created in WooCommerce as your Product Identifier and enter in Product Amount (same price created for the product). Now just define your Commission Amount for this product and you’re all set.

affiliate plugin for woocommerce

In short, all you need to do is use the SKU number defined in WooCommerce as your Product Identifier in iDevAffiliate. Anytime this product is purchased, the per-product commissioning override will kick-in and use the defined Commission Amount for the product.

affiliate program for woocommerce