Within iDevAffiliate, you have three commission states. Here we’ll discuss the three states along with management of each.

Status #1: Pending Approval

When using the pending approval feature, all new commissions created will be shown here in your pending approvals list. These commissions are official but not yet ready for payment. In order to become “due and payable”, they must be approved.

This state gives you some options…

  • Approve or Decline the commission.
  • Change the commission amount before approval.
  • Change the commission assignment (to another affiliate) before approval.

idevaffiliate commission pending

You can decide whether or not pending commissions are shown to affiliates in your general settings at System Settings > General Settings > General Settings (tab) > Show Pending Commissions. You can also opt to not use this feature by having commissions automatically approved when they are created. We don’t generally recommend this option as commisisons should always be audited for refunds, chargebacks, fraud orders, etc. However, you can set this at Commission Settings > Payout Levels > Approval Settings (tab).

Status #2: Approved or “Current” Commissions

An approved commission is now “due and payable” and will show up in your Pay Affiliates list. This is a commission that was either automatically, or manually approved, based on your settings (talked about above). If needed, you can still decline this commission (as long as it hasn’t been paid). To do so, un-approve the commission to send it back to your pending approvals list. Then from there you can decline the commission.

idevaffiliate commission status

Status #3: Paid or “Archived”

Once you make payment to your affiliate, any commissions in that payment will be moved from “approved/current” commission status to a “paid/archived” status. As this point, the commission is what we describe as being “set in stone” and cannot be altered in any way. The payment has gone off to the affiliate and there is no removing or altering it anymore. Should you need to “remove” a paid commission, it can’t be done.. however, you have the debit feature you can use which allows you to add a debit to an account which will come off during the next payment.