Your iDevAffiliate panel is the ‘public’ side of your affiliate program. This is where affiliates can go to signup, login, get links, check stats, etc. iDevAffiliate comes with a stock template, color scheme and language pack that offers extensive options and ways to update them to you own personal liking.

Nearly everything you will do with regards to the look/feel of your affiliate panel will be done in the Templates menu of your admin center.

edit idevaffiliate template

Control Panel Theme

The first thing I will suggest is going to Templates > Control Panel Theme then clicking on the Video Tutorial tab. That will walk you through the core theme options which include the following.

  • Adding/editing your logo.
  • Theme template layout options.
  • Color scheme settings
  • Creating your own theme.
  • And for more advanced users, the page editor which allows for direct editing of HTML/CSS.
Social Media Icons

To add/remove social media icons to your template, go to Templates > Social Media Icons.

Charts & Statistics

On the main page of your affiliate panel, you can add a couple charts if you’d like. The charts include “Commissions Paid Last 6 Months” and “Top 5 Affiliates For This Month”. To enable/disable these charts, go to Templates > Charts & Statistics.

Frequently Asked Questions

The add/edit FAQs for your affiliates, go to Templates > FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions.

Terms and Conditions

To add your terms and conditions to your affiliate signup page, go to Templates > Terms and Conditions.

CAN-SPAM Rules and Acceptance

To add your CAN-SPAM rules to your affiliate signup page, go to Templates > CAN-SPAM Rules and Acceptance.

Language Templates

Go to Templates > Language Templates. From here you can edit the way the stock templates read, create new language packs and set your default language.

Email Templates

Go to Templates > Email Templates. From here you can edit enable/disable the different email that are sent for different actions as well as edit the content in those email templates. You can also add PDF attachments to some of the email templates as well.

Signup Form Fields

To edit the fields shown on the signup page of your affiliate panel, go to Templates > Signup Form Fields. There you can enable/disable fields as well as make them required or optional. You can also set character length requirements as well as the default Country selection. Use Templates > Custom Signup Form Fields to create your own optional fields.

Add Custom Pages

At Templates > Add Custom Pages, you can add both general “public” pages as well as “private/logged” pages only shown to those who are logged in as an affiliate.