Having trouble getting in to your iDevAffiliate admin center?

We have a couple suggestions for you as well as a manual reset process. The first thing to do is make sure you’re trying to login at the correct location. Often times, its easy to mistake the affiliate dashboard login for the admin center login. Be sure you are trying to login at the /admin location of your installation.

Example: //www.website.com/idevaffiliate/admin/index.php

If that’s the location you’re at and you still can’t get in, click on the Forgot Password? button. Enter your the email address associated with your admin account and iDevAffiliate will send a new password via email.

idevaffiliate forgot password

Note: Be sure to check your spam/junk folder too!

Still can’t get in?

Here’s where this article really becomes useful. Lets assume you don’t know the email address associated with the account -OR- you aren’t receiving the email for some reason. The next step will be to do a manual reset, directly in the database. To do this, you will need access to your MySQL database. Most people will do this via their web hosting control panel, using PHPMYADMIN. If you aren’t familiar with this tool, your web hosting provider and/or server admin can assist you in finding it. Advanced users can also complete this task at the MySQL command line also. For this tutorial, we’ll use PHPMYADMIN because it’s much more common.

Once you are logged in to PHPMYADMIN, find the database that contains the iDevAffiliate data and click on the idevaff_admin table.

admin password reset for idevaffiliate

You should see something that looks similar to the image above. Below is an explanation for each column.

 Yellow  = Username
 Green  = Encoded Password
 Blue  = Email Address
 Red  = User Key

If you need the username or email address, you can find it using the above color guide. To manually reset the password, you’re going to do two things.

Step 1. Edit the Encoded Password column (adminpass), with the following:

Step 2. Edit the User Key column (user_key). You just want to empty this entry. It should look like this when you’re done.

idevaffiliate password reset

Now you can go to your iDevAffiliate admin center and login with the username and your new password which is ( temp ). Once logged in, be sure to reset the password from temp to something else by editing your account.